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6 Harry Potter Accessories EVERY Fan needs!

1)  Time Turner Necklace


Inspired by Hermione’s beautiful borrowed Time Turner in The Prizoner of Azkaban. This immaculate piece of fan jewelry is beautifully crafted and ultimately just really cool! Spins just like the one in the movie. You can see why this is number one on the list. Any fan would recognize this from miles away! You can find this in a large variety of colors and combinations by clicking the link below!

GET IT HERE: Tee Brewery – Time Turner Necklace


2)  Marauder’s Map Iphone Wallet Case


Hand stitched and very well designed, this leather wallet case is a great buy for HP fans with apple fever. In a way, your iphone has similar capabilities to the Marauder’s Map given the location sharing aspects newly enabled. Just a shame that Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs can't be seen moving about on the map! Multiple functions include card and cash pockets, as well as a makeshift stand to watch videos handsfree. Also available is a hardcase option with the map design and no wallet for a lower more affordable price. 

Get It HereTee Brewery – Marauder’s Map iPhone Wallet Case


3)  Wand Keychains


These wands come as perfect miniature replicas of Harry, Hermione, Voldemort, and Dumbledore’s wands. They make for a great gift idea for friends and family who might be huge fans of the Wizarding World just like you. Not to mention, when you need protection, simply say Petrificus Totalus and have your attacker cowering in fear!

GET IT HERE:  Tee Brewery - Wand Keychains


4)  Deathly Hallows Bracelet


A fashionable bracelet highlighting important symbols such as Hedwig, the Golden Snitch, and the Deathly Hallows.  This cool handmade piece is in high demand and is deservingly one of the best sellers due to its’ creative design and affordable pricing. Available in 3 different variations.

Get it Here: Tee Brewery – Deathly Hallows Bracelet / Black 


5)  Wizarding Apparel – Beanies/Ties/Scarves


Staying fashionable and warm simultaneously while representing your love for Harry Potter and the Wizarding World is a hard task to conquer all at once. But lo and behold, it is possible! These sweet beanies/ties/scarves are going for a bargain at Tee Brewery. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw fans unite. Makes for a great present for friends and family as well as significant others. After all you don’t want to be repping Gryffindor alone when a group of Slytherin’s find you out of the common rooms!


 6)  Golden Snitch Bracelet



This beautifully crafted snitch bracelet was made with a feminine touch. As you can see, it is delicately produced and comes in a variety of different colors!  The matching Snitch Earrings can also be found on on TEE BREWERY! Don't let this 'catch of a lifetime' escape you!

GET YOURS HERE: Tee Brewery - Snitch Bracelet

                                    Tee Brewery - Snitch Earring

 7) Replica Wands

Get your favorite characters wands. Perfect replicas that are great for cosplay or simply even decorating your room. Available NOW:

Get It Here:

- Harry 




See the entire collection of products here: HARRY POTTER ACCESSORIES

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