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Assassin's Recon Zip-Up Hoodie

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Complete the assassin's look with this limited side zip-up hoodie.  Get yours while we still have them in stock!

Material: Cotton, Polyester

Fabric: Knitted

Features: Zipper closure, Anti-Pilling, Anti-Shrink, Anti-Wrinkle

Please reference the sizing chart below.

Size Shoulder Width Chest Length Sleeve
US XS 42cm (16.5in) 102cm (40in) 67cm (26in) 66cm (26in)
US S 44cm (17in) 106cm (42in) 68cm (27in) 67cm (26in)
US M 45cm (18in) 112cm (44in) 70cm (27.5in) 68cm (27in)
US L 46cm (18in) 112cm (44in) 71cm (28in) 69cm (27in)
US XL 46cm (18in) 118cm (46in) 74cm (29in) 71cm (28in)
US 2XL 48cm (19in) 122cm (48in) 77cm (30in) 73cm (29in)

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